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HK Construction

HK Construction is a company based in Stockholm, with specialties in building, stone paving, painting, and garden construction. I had the opportunity to design their website to showcase their comprehensive range of services and past projects. The website also plays a crucial role in their business growth, since it has effectively helped HK Construction attract new customers and secure more projects.

Studio Dottor Macchi

I had the opportunity to make an engaging website for Studio Dottor Macchi, a leading otorhinolaryngology practice in Italy. The website features an interactive infographic showcasing their services, allowing customers to easily explore and understand the range of specialized medical solutions offered. Additionally, the website includes convenient contact options, enabling visitors to easily get in touch with the clinic for appointments and inquiries. By incorporating strategic SEO elements, the website ranks higher in search results, attracting more organic traffic and potential patients.


The website I have created for PSACF offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive information about their medical-scientific event services. It showcases their expertise, streamlines registration, and fosters collaboration with academic institutions and healthcare professionals. With its informative content and streamlined processes, the website enhances PSACF’s online presence, attracting potential clients and driving the success of their events.