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Best pricing value for you.

Fair Rates, Quality Sites.

Your success is my top priority, and that begins with pricing that’s right for you. I offer a variety of bundles to fit your specific objectives and budget, whether you need foundational web services or a more comprehensive digital strategy.

Base Website

Showcase your services and products.

€ 500
VAT included


Better connect with your customers.

€ 800
VAT included


Stand out from the others with style.

€ 1.500
VAT included


Starting from

€ 2.000
VAT included

The complete and easy solution to start selling your products online.

What more can I do for you?


I manage every technical detail so you don’t have to worry about anything.

€ 200
/ year
VAT included

Custom landing pages

I craft each page to target your audience, optimize for SEO, and maximize ROI.

€ 30-150
VAT included

Product Promotion

Amplify your product’s online reach through strategic promotion.

VAT included